2022 GOWUA Consumer Confidence Report

The most current report, the 2022 water report, is now available online. Click HERE.

PFOA Testing

In September, 2022 Granite Oaks Water Users Association tested water from the wells supplying water to the water system. The water was tested for the PFOA and PFOS compounds of concern that were recently discovered in wells in Prescott and Chino Valley. The tests performed on the water from the GOWUA wells showed no traceable evidence of those chemicals in water from the GOWUA wells.

Click HERE to learn more about PFOA Testing.

GOWUA Financial Reports

The financial reports have been moved to a new page. Click HERE to see them or click on the Financial Reports link in the main menu.

August 2022 GOWUA Newsletter

The most recent newsletter, from August 2022, is now available online. Click NEWSLETTER to read it.

Curtailment Tariff Schedule

The latest GOWUA curtailment tariff information is available HERE.

Well Information Available

Updated GOWUA well information is available HERE.

2022 Board Meeting Schedule

2022 regular board meeting dates are January 26, February 23 (rescheduled to March 3), March 23, April 27, May 25, June 22, July 27, August 24, September 28, October 26, November 16 (tentative), December 28. Note: the September 28 meeting was postponed due to a lack of a quorum. It was held on October 5.

Due to the Corona Virus situation, Board Meetings are being held in Prescott, and are temporarily not open to attendance by the public.

Website Calendar

GOWUA's calendar is now available in the website by clicking HERE.

The calendar lists dates for board meetings, meter reading and billing as well as numerous deadlines for GOWUA tasks.

Notice of Change in Water Rates

At its open meeting on September 22, 2020 the Arizona Corporation Commission approved a rate increase requested by Granite Oaks Water Users Association in an application filed April 22, 2020. The rate increase will be effective October 1, 2020. See the notice HERE.

Open Meeting Policy

The GOWUA open meeting policy may be viewed HERE.

Bylaws Available

GOWUA bylaws can now be viewed online.

Email Billing Available

Shareholders who are interested in eliminating paper billing can sign up for email billing.

Service Map

A map of the GOWUA service area is available by clicking HERE or by visiting the Archives Page.

Mission Statement

Provide a safe, reliable and continuous water supply at a reasonable cost.

We are a non-profit water utility corporation founded in July, 1989, regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission. Our service area includes the subdivisions of Royal Oaks, Granite Oaks and Granite Oaks Estates.

All homeowners within these subdivisions are shareholders of the corporation. The corporation elects a board of directors currently consisting of seven members. Each member is elected for a three-year term. Terms are staggered so that only two or three members are elected each year.